Monday, February 14, 2011

Well. It's been a while.

Well, hello, to my possibly two readers, if I'm lucky.

So, I haven't updated in a while. And a lot has happened since I have.

The most important of those being the fact that I'm no longer in the Peace Corps.

Another one is that I've changed the layout of this blog! Mostly because my former layout was very Peace Corps-centric, but still. New blog design! Neat!

I'm now back in the good old US of A, and am in that place I understand is very common to those in their early mid twenties of having NO IDEA what my next step is.

I've been living at my parents' house in Philadelphia, but in this coming week I'm going to Pittsburgh to move in with a friend of mine, Nick. I've known Nick since I was 16, so for me that's a pretty darned old friend. He's also one of my best friends, along with his fiancée, Katie.

Sadly, Katie won't be living with us. She got an actual job (?! HOW?!) up in Connecticut, so for the first time since they were sixteen, Nick and Katie are living apart. This is a very sad thing. I met Nick and Katie and became friends with them the first week of college at Simon's Rock, which is, incidentally, the same week they met each other and started dating. So I'm actually equally good friends with both, and in fact in some ways I think of myself as close friends with the *couple*, NickandKatie (they refer to themselves in couple-form as "Lemur") rather than with individual people.

Anyway, they're getting married in late April, and I'm going to be one of the bridesmaids! I've already been up to CT to do wedding-planning stuff with Katie. It was kind of like a sitcom (besides when my aunt got married when I was 10, pretty much the only experience I have with weddings has been them happening on sitcoms).

So right now I'm packing and starting the Pittsburgh job search. Also trying to get back into writing. I need to actually FINISH a novel... I actually still have never done that. I've written like 40,000 words of like 3 different novels and 20-30k of several more, but I've never actually FINISHED one. So, after getting a job so I can actually pay rent and buy groceries and stuff, that's my main goal for the next, say, half-year.


Ellen said...

Hey Mel, so how is Pittsburgh?

Andy Breslin said...

Hey, am I the other reader? You mentioned you had two.

And it's just a year late.

Did you finish writing the novel yet? Rest assured, that's when the frustration and disappointment REALLY begins. Ha ha.

Hope all's swell.